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We are proud to be the MASTER DISTRIBUTORS for REPHILE USA. We install and maintain their excellent line up of ultra pure water purification systems like SUPER GENIE & DIRECTPURE systems with point of use dispensers. Also available are very large systems that can dispense in the range of 350lph, 700lph & even 1000lph.

Since the last 10 years we also maintain and repair other line up of ultra pure water purification systems like ELIX & MILLIQ, DIRECTQ, etc and can offer replacement spares & consumables at competitive prices.


As service partners of international leading suppliers of genetic, genomic and other molecular biology services PRIMER DESIGN, GENESIG, SHRIPMEX and Eurofins represent the DNA Technology Cluster.
With the addition of PRIMER DESIGN in our portfolio offerings we can now provide the best custom qPCR assay development service in the World.
The main area of focus & services are:
RT PCR kits for 400+ DNA targets
DNA target kit development
Gene synthesis
Pharmacogenetic and pharmacogenomic services


In the field of equipments we are active in supplies and maintenance of equipments like Flow Cytometer, High end Centrifuges, Rotary Evaporator, Chemical reaction vessels, Reaction Chillers, Real Time PCR, Pathogen Detection Work Stations, Deep Freezers and Blood bank equipments.


We cover the entire Western India markets and have already ventured into the markets of South & North India. Our clients are typically the biotech, pharma, hospital or chemical research labs. We have a focus on the genetic engineering and scientific community. We are prepared to tackle high value, technical products. Our target customers have been working in places like pharma industry, teaching universities & hospitals. We reach out to customers in beverages, food safety, plant genetics, pathology, on a proactive basis.