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Much BEYOND Products


We are offering lab consumbales like tips, plates, tubes, and other plasticware primarily from NUNC & NALGENE portfolio. We offer large number of antibodies from manufacturers like ABCAM, ABD Serotec, Miltenyi, BioLegend, Abnova (Thermo). A wide range of diagnostic and extraction kits are offered from manufacturer like QIAGEN, PIERCE, FINNZYMES, INTERLAB, etc.


We offer wide range of equipment manufactured under the legendary Sorval & Revco brands of THERMO. Also on offer is a wide range of equipment from manufacturers like QUBIT SYSTEMS, AURORA BIOMED, QIAGEN, etc. We specialize in sales and service of REPHILE ultra pure water purification systems. We also maintain and repair water systems of other brands.

Real Time PCR, Blood Bank Equipments, PCR Workstations, Forensic Workstations, Rotary Evaporators, Chemical Reaction vessels, Chillers, Deep Freezers.

We offer a wide range of Robotic Automated Liquid Handling systems.


Research Institutions, Pharma QC & R&D, Hospitals, Diagnostic & Pathology Labs. We have a focus on the genetic engineering and scientific community. We are prepared to tackle high value, technical products. Our target customers have been working in places like pharma industry, teaching universities & hospitals. We reach out to customers in beverages, food safety, plant genetics, pathology, on a proactive basis.